Western Enterprises Announces New Product Autoclave Analyzer AA100 for biomedical industry

Western Enterprises Announces New Product
Autoclave Analyzer AA100 for biomedical industry  


(January 14, 2020) Westlake, OH – Western Enterprises is excited to announce our newest product from our Meriam® brand, the AA100 Autoclave Analyzer. The AA100 is a diagnostic tool that provides real time measurements from an autoclave during a sterilization cycle. The Autoclave Analyzer allows technicians to connect up to 4 RTD temperature probes and 2 pressures hoses to the steam sterilizer system, and capture all the measurements as they are happening during the autoclave run cycle. This provides real time data and a clear picture of these critical measurements as the system is processing.

The AA100 measurement data is highly accurate, NIST traceable, and time synchronized. With data logging the AA100 records the current test cycle as well as maintains data from pervious test cycles. Test logs are exported in two formats: PDF or a file that can be opened in Excel. During a test and in review mode a graph of the cycle is visible. There are several user configurable inputs that can be configured to reflect the current test parameters. The AA100 supports multiple engineering and customary measurement units.

Sterilizers are a vital component of all healthcare facilities and making sure they are functional and minimizing their downtime is very important. The AA100 will help speed up repair time, streamline preventative maintenance and help with the training new biomedical technician.
The AA100 is a one of a kind device and will be an asset to all biomedical service technicians working with steam sterilization. Western Enterprises, a Scott Fetzer Company, is an experienced and innovative American manufacturer of products for the compressed gas industry. Western products are proudly manufactured in Westlake, Ohio by American craftsmen and women. Our Meriam brand manufactures reliable and accurate measurement instrumentation including mechanical and electronic pressure indicators, analog and digital pressure transmitters, primary flow elements, handheld pressure, temperature and loop calibrators, handheld HART communicators, process indicators and complete flow systems. The brand is recognized as a leading supplier of instrumentation and test and calibration equipment, utilizing the latest advances in technology and design while delivering superior performance. We are committed to providing uncompromising quality products with an impeccable support experience.

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