Western is providing this website as a tool to be used in conjunction with the Medical Device Recall that was issued on January 31, 2015.


This website is being updated to include additional information about the recall process. Please check back to this page periodically for more information.


Western/Scott Fetzer is implementing a voluntary recall for OxyTOTE/oxyQuik/AirTOTE products, including OxyTOTE, OxyTOTE 3000, OxyTOTE NG, OxyTOTE 3000 NG, AirTOTE, and oxyQuik Series Valve Integrated Pressure Regulators, and all private label versions of these products.  Hereafter, they will be referred to as “OxyTOTE/oxyQuik/AirTOTE”.


If you are a user or user facility (Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Health Care Service providers, EMS staff, ambulance service providers, etc.) of OxyTOTE/oxyQuik/AirTOTE products, please click here.


If you are a distributor of gases and OxyTOTE/oxyQuik/AirTOTE products, Western encourages you to review all of the information on this website. We suggest that you start at the top link on the left navigation and work your way down. The links provided will allow you to: