For over six decades, Western Enterprises has stood as a bastion of innovation and quality within the compressed gas industry. Founded on the principles of excellence and unwavering reliability, our journey began with a mission to furnish the industrial, medical, and specialty gas markets with unparalleled systems and components for the control, storage, and transmission of high-pressure gasses. As a proud division of the Scott Fetzer Company, we embody the spirit of American manufacturing, crafting our extensive product range from the ground up in Westlake, Ohio.

Our commitment runs deeper than our robust catalog of products; it’s reflected in every hose fitting, regulator, and intricate manifold system that bears the Western name. By ensuring each product passes rigorous quality assurance checks, we adhere to industry standards and strive to redefine them, continually elevating the bar for safety and efficiency.

Across diverse landscapes—from bustling hospital corridors needing portable oxygen systems to industrial sites requiring precise nitrogen purge regulators for HVAC applications—Western serves as the cornerstone for companies demanding the best in compressed gas solutions.

Industrial Market

Compressed gasses serve as a cornerstone of modern industry, a testament to the marvels of engineering and science that drive our world forward. At Western Enterprises, we recognize that the controlled application of these gasses is critical to a vast array of industrial processes—welding, cutting, coating, refrigeration, and aeration, to name a few. These applications rely not just on the purity and availability of the gasses, but also on the precision with which they are managed and delivered.

Our extensive suite of products is designed to meet these critical demands. From robust CGA fittings ensuring secure connections to advanced nitrogen purge regulators for HVAC systems, our equipment stands guard, ensuring that the right amount of gas is delivered where and when it’s needed, without fail. This precise regulation is vital for efficiency, safety, and quality control in every task, from the delicate balances required in chemical processing to the robust needs of metal fabrication.

Our nitrogen purge regulators will further enhance any industrial application. Designed specifically for HVAC systems, these regulators provide precise control of nitrogen flow to purge air from pipes and ensure a clean, dry system. With features like adjustable pressure settings and inlet/outlet connections, our regulators offer versatility and reliability in one compact package. Nitrogen purge regulators will not only improve performance and efficiency, but also help to maintain the integrity of your system for longer-lasting results.

Medical Market

The sanctity of life and the art of healing hinge upon the reliability of medical tools and technologies. Central to this realm is the role of compressed gasses, which are vital in scenarios ranging from emergency resuscitation to administering chronic care. Western Enterprises is at the forefront, providing medical-grade portable oxygen systems that deliver life-sustaining gas with steadfast reliability.

Our OxyTOTE NextGen is a pinnacle of our portable oxygen systems commitment, offering portability and precision crucial in medical applications. Its design embodies our promise to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare providers, ensuring oxygen is delivered safely and consistently to those in need. Western’s healthcare flow regulators and flowmeters are precision-engineered to manage oxygen delivery.

Hose repair kits and other accessories are just a fraction of our offerings to the medical market. With hose repair kits, we provide healthcare providers with a cost-effective solution for maintaining the integrity of their equipment. Our kits are easy to use and contain everything needed to quickly repair damaged hoses, saving time and resources in critical moments.

Food & Beverage

This industry is the largest consumer of compressed gas, requiring a consistent stream of carbon dioxide for everything from carbonating beverages to preserving food. Western Enterprises’ CO2 tank regulators are ideal for controlling and regulating CO2 flow in this market, with reliable fittings that ensure safe connections.

In addition to our high-quality regulators, we offer an extensive range of fittings and accessories specifically designed for beverage and food-grade applications. Our stainless steel fittings are resistant to corrosion and meet industry standards for purity, ensuring pristine gas delivery that won’t contaminate products.

Whether it’s a small café or a large-scale food production facility, Western Enterprises has the expertise and products to support the food & beverage industry’s unique needs for compressed gas solutions.


The chemical industry relies on precise control and delivery of compressed gasses for a variety of applications, from inerting to purging. Western Enterprises offers an extensive range of products specifically designed for the chemical market, including gas regulators, fittings, and manifolds.

Our advanced gas regulators provide precise control over gas flow and pressure, making them ideal for use in chemical processing where accuracy is crucial. Our fittings are designed with durability and safety in mind, ensuring secure connections that withstand the harsh conditions of chemical environments.

We also offer custom manifold solutions for handling multiple gas sources, enabling safe and efficient distribution to various points of use. With our expertise in compressed gas systems and components, Western Enterprises is well-equipped to support the ever-evolving needs of the chemical industry.


Our roots as a company began with welding, and it remains a significant market for us. Western Enterprises offers a wide range of products designed specifically for welding, including flashback arrestors, gas regulators, and cutting torches.

Our high-quality flashback arrestors provide essential safety features for welding applications, preventing dangerous flashbacks from traveling back into the gas supply line. Our gas regulators offer precise control of gas flow and pressure for various welding processes, ensuring optimal results. And our cutting torches are built to withstand the rigorous demands of professional welding, providing reliable and high-performing cutting capability.

Additionally, we offer a range of accessories such as hose fittings and valves that cater to the specific needs of the welding industry. With Western Enterprises as your partner, you can trust that your welding equipment and processes will be supported by top-quality components.  Overall, our comprehensive range of products and expertise makes us a one-stop-shop for all your compressed gas needs in the welding industry.


Reliability and efficiency are crucial in the manufacturing industry, and compressed gasses play a vital role in achieving these goals. Western Enterprises offers a wide array of products that support various manufacturing processes, such as gas regulators, flowmeters, and manifolds.

Our high-quality gas regulators provide precise control over gas flow and pressure for applications ranging from metal fabrication to electronics production. Our flowmeters offer accurate measurement of gas flow, ensuring consistent and efficient use of compressed gasses.

Our custom manifold solutions enable the safe and efficient distribution of gas to multiple points within a manufacturing facility. With Western Enterprises as your partner, you can trust that your compressed gas systems will be reliable, efficient, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing processes.


In the pharmaceutical industry, precision and purity are paramount. Western Enterprises offers a range of products specifically designed for this market, including gas regulators, manifolds, and fittings.

Our high-quality gas regulators provide precise control over gas flow and pressure, making them ideal for use in various pharmaceutical processes. Our custom manifold solutions offer safe and efficient distribution of gases to different points within a facility, ensuring purity and consistency in product quality.

We also offer a range of fittings and accessories made from high-quality materials that meet industry standards for purity. With Western Enterprises as your partner, you can trust that your compressed gas needs will be met with the highest level of precision and purity required in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Importance of Quality and Safety Across Industries

At Western Enterprises, our manufacturing process is a tribute to American craftsmanship. We select only the highest quality materials, ensuring that every product meets and exceeds rigorous safety standards. This commitment to excellence is at the core of our operations, safeguarding users and upholding the integrity of our craft. Our stringent quality control is a promise—a promise that every Western product is a paragon of reliability and safety.

Global Reach and Local Impact

Western’s products are a confluence of local expertise and global reach. Each item reflects the dedication of our Westlake, Ohio community, embodying a standard of quality that has earned international recognition. Our expansive distribution network extends this local quality to a worldwide audience, bringing Western’s legacy to the forefront of the compressed gas industry, enhancing industries, and enriching lives across the globe.

Elevate Your Standards with Western Enterprises

We invite you to experience the Western difference—where innovation meets tradition and safety is paramount. Whether you’re in the bustling avenues of industry, the demanding arenas of healthcare, or the specialized niches of custom gas applications, Western Enterprises is your partner in excellence.

Connect with us and elevate your portable oxygen systems, gas regulators, hose repair kits, flash arrestors, CGA fittings, and more to new heights with a brand that is both globally renowned and locally revered.

Reach out today—let’s innovate together.